Sunday, May 11, 2008

My experiences with Stevia! My ambrosia for healthy living!

Being a corporate trainer in Soft Skills, I have to stand and deliver lectures and training sessions for two to three hours continuously. Suddenly one fine day, I have discovered that I got this deadly but sweet disease called ‘Diabetes’! Naturally, like anybody else, I was panic in the beginning. When I visited my home city Hyderabad, I heard about this wonder herbal controller of Diabetes ‘Stevia’.
‘Stevia’ is well known worldwide as three hundred percent more sweeter herb than sugar. Now, people discovered that most of our diseases caused due to the volume of sugar use in day-to-day life.
To carry on with my professional life and to fulfill my dreams and ambitions, I have switched to ‘Stevia’, which has become my companion for cheerful life for the past six years. Amazing, it was it has become a part of my family life and my wife has endorsed the product in a local TV channel as she also enjoyed the benefit of using ‘Stevia’ and got rid of her painful units of using insulin, three times a day.
Unknowingly and enthusiastically, to spread the holy message of the benefits of using this wonder herb called ‘Stevia’, our family has become its brand ambassador voluntarily for the service of the community in which we are living.
People were very much impressed with the diabetes controlling abilities of ‘Stevia’, and we have become very popular among our network of friends and family members. Now, we made the propagation of this ‘Stevia’ as our life mission to help build a diabetes free society. I strongly recommend Stevia for a stress free and healthy living.
History of Stevia
If you've ever tasted Stevia, you know it's extremely sweet. In fact, this remarkable no caloric herb, native to Paraguay, has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for centuries. But this innocuous-looking plant has also been a focal point of intrigue in the United States in recent years because of actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA has handled the subject of searches and seizures, trade complaints and embargoes on importation, stevia at times as if it were an illegal drug.

Since the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), Stevia can be sold legally in the United States, but only as a "dietary supplement." Even so, it can be found in many forms in most health-food stores, and is also incorporated into drinks, teas and other items (all labeled as "dietary supplements"). It cannot, however, be called a "sweetener" or even referred to as "sweet." To do so would render the product "adulterated," according to the FDA, and make it again subject to seizure.
Stevia in India
Stevia was recently introduced in India, and is still not so popular and very few people are introduced to this wonder herbal plant. A nature’s gift – The only internationally recognized zero calorie, having medicinal values and safest herbal sweetener.It can be used for many ailments like: Ø ObesityØ High Blood pressureØ Dental / ThroatØ Skin care / Anti-wrinkleØ ProstateØ DigestionØ AddictionØ Cold / FluSTEVIA is a substitute to cane sugar/aspartame/saccharine in various preparations like coffee, tea, cool drinks, sweets etc., available in the form of leaf, powder and liquid. It is 25-30 times sweeter than cane sugar.STEVIA is being used extensively in all major countries like America, Japan, China, Brazil etc., with the recognition of their respective Governments. Now, being cultivated in Hyderabad (first time in India) for the benefit of Diabetic patients.STEVIA is rich with nutritional values and hence, can be used by children to old aged, healthy or unhealthy, for remedial as well as prevention.I request my entire fellow Diabetes worldwide to try Stevia and stay healthy for the rest of your life.
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(Part of the information used in this article is collected from and a book titled Stevia – A miracle plant for Human Health by R.K.Maiti and S.S.Purohit assisted by K.V.Ramana Rao, CMD, Trisakthi Farms, Hyderabad)