Thursday, April 06, 2006


To enhance my learning experience through share and care, I am conducting free Soft Skills Awareness Campaign. At present, some NGOs, Lions Club, Youth Clubs are helping me in this mission. This is all about :

* To spread awareness about soft skills/Life Skills among the general public
* To help students, future managers and middle class parents to understand the vital role of soft skills in grabbing a job
* How to grab a job by mastering soft skills ?
* Free career counselling
* Free career guidance
* Placement assistance

** Soft Skills in India, World Skills in Australia, accepted by many professionals as Global Skills, are inevitable to excel in professional as well as personal life. Life Skills and social skills are also synonyms for soft skills.

What are soft skills ?
Skills needed to perform jobs where job requirements are defined in terms of expected outcomes, but the process(es) to achieve the outcomes may vary widely. Usually, an area of performance that does not have a definite beginning and end (i.e., counseling, supervising, and managing).

Life-skills have been defined by the World Health Organisation as 'abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life' (WHO 1993)
Please spread this message to your friends in Hyderabad, India, so that they can be benefitted by attending these classes. I wish to carry this campaign to all districts of Andhra Pradesh, through Schools and Colleges. If anybody interested and enthusiastic to become partner in progress, please mail me.

For further information you can aim me at

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Radhakrishnan said...

Hi Ram
That's indeed a very good project and will help many understand what are soft skills.
I wish your endeavour a grand success.
Warm regards