Thursday, August 24, 2006

Serving Society through Soft Skills !

Recently, I had the opportunity of a life time to impart language skills and soft skills to the children of labourers who are working in a construction site. We had a formal meeting with the teenagers, degree holders, B.Eds and with everybody who wish to improve their language skills and ready to groom themselves to invite success into their lives at any cost. Here it is free of cost as the pioneers of this social initiative are a brand in the filed of education i.e. ICFAI.

ICFAI Republic School (A social initiative of ICFAI Group) doing yeomen service to the poor by establishing schools to impart result-oriented education, resulting in grabbing the opportunities for a better tomorrow. They are providing free education, free clothing, free meals and free books to the needy and doing their bit to eradicate illiteracy from India.

After the successful establishment of ICFAI Republic School at Fatehnagar, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, ( ) they started a School in the huge campus of ICFAI to provide education to the children of construction workers.

My self, along with my Team leader Ms.Subhodaya visited the place and identified students to groom and to impart language skills. This mission called ‘Education for all by 2020’ will be strengthened by many individuals and organisations like ICFAI.

It is my dream to join such like minded people and organisations which was fulfilled in this way.

The big question is what about you? Are you ready to join me in this mission to educate the needy for their better tomorrow?

As a soft skills trainer, I wish to give back the society and share my little knowledge with the needy. I got my clarion call to help the youth to groom themselves and to grab opportunities of their choice. I am here to coach, mentor the ‘not so privileged’ who are deprived and cannot afford to join corporate educational institutions where ‘soft skills’ were taught with the help of hi-tech audio visual aids, which would ultimately result in less learning and more promoting in style.

You want to help your friends from your tiny town to train in soft skills.
You cannot afford style and can identify substance to improve your life skills.
Can you arrange a ‘LECDEM” of Soft Skills in your Alma Mater? If you can…

Your search for success ends here. Please identify group of people and mail me/call me for a ‘Soft Skills Awareness Program’ which forms part of my campaign to propagate the importance of skills to grab a job of your choice and enjoy life with ease.

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