Thursday, March 05, 2009

My layoff story

I wish to share my layoff story with my fellow Netizens across the globe. It is really sad that I rushed madly to run after opportunities and landed innocently in this middle class landmine called ‘recession’, which is the result of greediness of IT industry bigwigs and globalization! It is funny that Indian Government is giving statements that there is no recession in India . With great perseverance, only to catch up with the nexgen at the age of 40+ and with a curiosity for first hand information to know the inside great stories of affluence, I got into the IT industry in October, 2007 and my CMD got the smell of ‘recession’ by October 2008 and asked me to issue pink slips. At first we stopped increments and finding ways to identify non-performers. I have finished the task with great pain and felt that they are cursing me and I may lose my job. To my utter amazement, finally, the compass of ‘layoff’ started pointing out towards me. I came out gently and struggled for four months. Sometimes paying bills of all sorts and sometimes at a time with my multi tasking skills, I could pay two installments. Till now, I could not grab a job to suit my experience and competence even after four months. I enjoyed the ‘recession gap’ with my kids for one month and afterwards got the heat of that with the bills piling up day-by-day. Finally, just last month, I could convince myself soulfully, that I must grab a job even with a pay cut. Just two weeks ago I joined as Senior Manager – HR and Admin in a Company with 40% pay and using my other skills like soft skills training to fill the gap in my wallet. Many of my friends and students call me daily ‘Sir, are there any vacancies’! A gloomy silence is only my reply. I am happy for not getting any phones from Banks pursuing for credit cards and loans. Now, I am learning on how to face future with this mismatch of designation and pay and also struggling to find out training assignments to meet the minimum needs. I request my fellow victims to divert their attention from the pain of this unexpected loss and involve in the most lovable activity they like with all the passion it demands. Then only you can see this phase pass without much pain. This is just another phase my friends! Just pray for your friends to overcome this unexpected challenge and help others if you can. Amen!

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1 comment:

Gayathri said...

Dear Sir,

I enjoyed reading your story on recession in India. It was a heartfelt write, and I could feel the passion you feel towards the subject from your words.

From the fact that you took up another job even with less pay, shows that you are a survivor. In today's world, we need survivors.

Good luck to your future. I am sure the tide will turn soon on the economy and everything will be all right. Meanwhile, keep up your positive spirit!

Gayathri Moosad